A celestial decree of fashion: Pattu pavadai set for girls

This product has become a stellar attire of South India. It invokes all the traditional sense of our culture. A resplendent golden brocade top with a simple patch work which goes with a pleeted sleeve partnered with a grand Magenta brocade skirt which is adorned by a bunch of golden roses. These golden roses are drafted as motif. This precise product goes long back into the history. An historic attire for all the traditional episodes.

Quick overview

Color      : Magenta

Sleeves   : Normal sleeve

Material :Brocade| With lining attached |

Wash      : Dry wash| Do not wrinkle | Low iron |


Note : Every brand has different size measurements for ages. Please check the size guide before ordering.

Shivangi Girls Golden Rose Bunch Pattu Pavadai !!!- AM73MG